Smart Diagonostics

The original Smartsens UEFI 64 bit hardware test for the it professionals. Here the latest revolution is breaking to make simple, reliable and quick diagnosis of PCs, laptops and servers with an overview. No operating system in the way - such as Windows or IOS safe start-up interference Smartsens takes over this broader test landscape with a completely new set of tools and applications. The end result: components are reliably tested and validated regardless of the operating system with safe boot enabled. Proven diagnostics, suitable for all types of companies and skills, numerous test functions and unlimited ways to use them.


  • Accurate UEFI component tests
  • Without the need for an operating system
  • Improve PC reliability
  • Reduce the number of technical support calls
  • Increase customer satisfaction and trust
  • Get XML reports and format as you want
  • Generate Concise report as PDFs
  • Easily print to Google Cloud Print
  • Directly E-Mail to customers with details
  • Easy customiztion of the reports
  • Repeatable UEFI motherboard tests
  • Easy to use by all employees
  • No special technical skills needed
  • Easy-to-Follow and consistent test scripts
  • Save hundreds of man hours

  • Guarantee the reliability of all systems that you build, install or maintain
  • Reduce outage on new PCs and laptops
  • increase your profits by ensuring quick and easy diagnosis before delivery to customers
  • Get customer appreciation
  • Perform all your hardware tests through a single software package
  • Restart the system automatically in the UEFI-USB boot prior to startup
  • Seamless return to Windows without any modification installations or another change

  • Use Smartsens

    How much time do you lose with freeware or other supplier-specific tools to deliver a robust test plan. Installing third-party software installations brings your customers more risk and problems that Winodws or IOS have can affect your programs. Finally, it gives wrong advice to your customers, and in the serious case loses customer, with Smartsens this is a thing of the past. Your entire team has the convenience to easily perform a fully automated diagnosis.

    The new Smartsens is leading and offers the widest range of technical users the ability to test the diagnosis of hardware regardless of brand, whether it is servers, notebooks or other PC designs.

    Transform your tests with timely, customer-friendly diagnoses. PC manufacturers, service providers, refurbishments and retailers have to track PC reliability and solve computer problems. Smartsens finds problems quickly - proves great systems - guarantees reliability.

    Smartsens is perfect for testing outside the operating system, no drivers or drivers are needed we test for BIOS settings, motherboards, SSD, Harddisk, M.2, memory, graphics cards, CPU, sound cards, wireless LAN interfaces, DVD / CD- rom players, power, pixels on monitors, laptop batteries, USB ports, video ports and other IO connections.

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